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From Sales in Thousands to Millions in 6 Months!

Beauty Basket

Nov 2022 - Apr 2023



Beauty Basket by GCDL IS a retail beauty store that started in 1962 with very humble beginnings and has always aimed to offer hand-selected world-class brands with amazing Discounts. BB intends to revolutionize your shopping experience by giving you a relaxing, comfortable, and convenient place to indulge yourself or your loved ones with premium and professional skin, body, and hair care products, Fragrances, and innerwear. 


To help Beauty Baskets achieve its sales goals, we created a comprehensive strategy for Google and Facebook advertising. Our plan included targeting relevant keywords, optimizing ad copy and landing pages, and using advanced audience targeting techniques to reach the right customers.

Over the course of five months, we worked tirelessly to implement our strategy, constantly monitoring and optimizing our campaigns to achieve the best possible results. Our efforts paid off, with Beauty Baskets achieving over 3 million in sales in a single month with a ROAS of 9x.


Ad spent on Google + Meta  – 252k

Total Sales - 15.24 M Approx.

ROAS - 6037%

Duration of the job – 6 Months

Results Delivered

50x Increase
in Sales Revenue

From sales revenue of Lakhs in month before  Oct 2022 to Lakhs in a day after Oct 2022 

Increase the Quality score of keywords 

From no keyword above 5 quality score to all keywords with high quality score

Website Sales Overview
beauty basket wix.png

Quality Score Overview

_RSK 3 (8).png
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